Thomas Eaton 1 Who parachuted into Scotland on 10 May 1941? 2 Which song was inspired by a split from Porter Wagoner? 3 Which letters make up the futhark alphabet? 4 What astronomical objects are known as dirty snowballs? 5 Which team played the NFL’s only perfect season? 6 The PRO and HMC merged to form which academic resource? 7 Which Englishman was posthumously declared a heretic in 1415? 8 What was “eight hours of TV so aimless it threatens your sanity”? What links: 9 Some Pig; Terrific; Radiant; Humble? 10 Jefferson; Carson; Salt Lake; Oklahoma? 11 The Hurt Locker; Nomadland; The Power of the Dog? 12 Moon; Tyr; Odin; Thor; Frigg; Saturn; Sun? 13 Clownfish and anemones; woolly bats and pitcher plants; ants and aphids? 14 Clisson and Eugénie; The Cardinal’s Mistress; Zabibah and the King? 15 Achilles; Esfandiyār; Siegfried?