Westminster is like the worst sort of public school






If 56 British MPs are under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct (Spotlight, 6 May), and we make the reasonable assumption that most if not all such MPs are male, then that means up to 13% of male MPs are under investigation. Such behaviour will have been at best ignored, if not condoned, by many of their colleagues, and it’s clear that the problem isn’t just “a few bad apples”. The entire culture of parliament is rotten to the core. Tony Green Ipswich, England, UK • The sexual harassment of MPs and bullying at the Houses of Parliament is partly a product of the intimidating building and institution. The palace is an extension of the worst features of a public school, and encourages misogyny, deference and privilege. It belongs in the 19th century. Let’s replace it with a modern chamber, set clear rules and ban drinking and late-night sittings. Calix Eden Norwich, England, UK