The Guardian Weekly - 2021-11-26




Thomas Eaton

1 Dafydd ap Gruffydd was the first nobleman to suffer what fate? 2 Which German monument is topped by a quadriga? 3 METI is an attempt to do what? 4 Which continent lies in all four hemispheres? 5 What was the filling of a humble pie? 6 Which people called themselves the Mexica? 7 Inge Lehmann discovered that what was solid? 8 Who repeatedly painted Mont Sainte-Victoire? What links: 9 South American country; US federal district; two state capitals? 10 Jubilee; Harris; Gripp; Rocky; Erin; Poppy; Georgie? 11 Silence film; A Pale View of Hills novel; Madama Butterfly opera? 12 Anglerfish; lanternfish; vampire squid; click beetle; firefly? 13 Peyton Manning and Tom Brady? 14 Khaki (1900); coupon (1918); flapper (1929)? 15 Phra Phrom statue; tetrahedron; Mount Rushmore?


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