The Guardian Weekly - 2021-06-11




By Maslanka a

1 Subtracting a two-digit number from a number formed by reversing the order of its digits produces a number whose last digit is 4 and whose first digit is ... well? 2 Wordpool Find the correct definition: PELHAM a) horse’s bit b) light overcoat c) town carriage d) variety of pear 3 E pluribus unum Rearrange the letters of REMOTE SITE to make a single word. 4 Dropouts Replace each asterisk with a letter to make a word: P*A*G*E* 5 End of the Word Which single four-letter word may be appended to each of the following beginnings, in each case making a word? ast— ; b— ; de— ; hay— ; over— ; p— ; st— . 6 Missing Links Find a word that follows the first word in the clue and precedes the second, in each case making a fresh word or phrase. Eg the answer to fish mix could be cake (fishcake & cake mix) and to bat man it could be he (bathe & he- man) ... a) dread keeper b) fool’s rush c) shooting quality d) bear call e) cover book f) depth sheet



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