The Guardian Weekly - 2021-06-11


What does Cummings have up his sleeve for us?


In this era of high farce in UK history, the plot has changed from The Black Adder to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, with Dominic Cummings again in the principal role and Boris Johnson as the bungling clown (Spotlight, 4 June). Which poses the question: what is Cummings really up to? Is it simply revenge or is this yet another of his cunning plans? Cummings is playing a subtle game of dissembling in discounting his own role in events, but as Johnson’s chief mischief-maker, Cummings must bear a large part of the blame for the chaos that is throttling a once great nation. Perhaps we should return to David Cameron’s description of Cummings as “a career psychopath”. Such a personality will never give up their quest for power, often disguising it as support for a weaker figure. We just don’t know what he will do next – that is what is so terrifying. Noel Bird Boreen Point, Queensland, Australia



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