The Guardian Weekly - 2021-05-07


Humanitarian crisis in Sahel worsens, UN warns

Global Report

A record 29 million people will need humanitarian assistance in the Sahel and the Lake Chad basin in 2021 amid a deepening crisis, a report by the UN office for humanitarian affairs (Unocha) has estimated. Almost one in four people in the border areas of Burkina Faso, northern Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Niger and north-east Nigeria are expected to need aid in 2021, 5 million more than a year ago, and a 52% rise on 2019. Poverty, the climate emergency, chronically high food insecurity and malnutrition have all contributed. The past five years have also seen more violence in the region. Despite increasing need, less than one-tenth of the $3.7bn required to respond to the Sahel crisis was received by the end of April.



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